Lean on that horn

Apr 17, 2020 By Steven R. Peck, Publisher

OK, sure. It was a little peculiar last Friday night to see hundred of automobiles honking their horns at an empty football field.

But it was beautiful all the same.

We're living through some weird times right now. And weird times spark weird responses. Come to think of it, though, the community horn-honking ceremony wasn't that much different from what's been going on in other places around the country.

Most famously, in New York City, residents by the hundreds of thousands, come to their windows at 7 p.m. lean out, and applaud for a couple of minutes in appreciation of health care workers and others who are the vanguard of public defense against the spread of the virus.

The New Yorkers have been doing this every day.

In Wyoming, similar stadium get-togethers have taken place as well. Our Wyoming News Exchange cooperative provided photo of one such event in Powell.

What it comes down to is our human need to express ourselves, our desire to be together in a positive social settings that have been limited severely by the virus restrictions, and our creativity in coming up with ideas which, odd as they might seem on the surface, manage to connect with our citizens and make them want to participate in a unified, affirmative way.

So, lining up our cars in a parking lot and honking at the football field helps us feel better, helps us communicate, helps us recognize the difficulties of the situation but not surrender to them. Hooray for that.

The COVID statistics show that we in Wyoming have not been hit so hard his other states by the pandemic. But we being affected by it, strongly and significantly. Even so, it goes against human nature to simply hole and cower.

We are doing a good job so far in complying with the sensible and, clearly, effective public health safety procedures recommended by experts.

Within that framework, as we can find ways as both individuals and as a community to support each other affirmatively, we are showing the best in ourselves during difficult times. Let's keep finding ways to do that, and will all be better off on the other side.

If that means honking the car horn, then go right ahead and lean on it.

The end of American Profile

Ever since we started publishing The Sunday Ranger in August 1999, American Profile magazine has been part of it.

But not after this week.

The publishers of that Sunday supplement informed us last week that it was going out of business.

The cutback in advertising that has accompanied the coronavirus pandemic has pushed the little magazine over the edge.

The edition of American Profile in this coming Sunday's Ranger and Lander Journal will be the last one.

This decision is theirs. We had nothing to do with it. And we're sorry to see American Profile go.

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