Poacher fined, loses prvileges and rifle

Apr 12, 2020 From staff reports

Fremont County Circuit Court Judge Robert Denhardt has found Kelly J. Grove of Dubois guilty of two counts of accessory before or after the fact in taking big game without a license (elk and deer), and one count accessory before or after the fact in the take of big game from a vehicle. The prosecution dismissed two charges including accessory before or after the fact of shooting from a roadway and interference with a peace officer in a plea bargain.

Denhardt ordered Grove to pay a total of $6,365 in fines, assessments, and restitution, to spend one year in jail, with sevendays credit for time already served, and three years supervised probation.

Grove is required to serve the remaining 358 days in jail. The judge also suspended Grove's hunting and fishing privileges for 18 years in Wyoming and the 44 other states, and to forfeit his Remington 700 .300 Ultra Mag bolt action rifle.

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