Response to virus is not 'devil may care'

Apr 7, 2020 LeAnn Woessner / Riverton


I like Clair McFarland's column most of the time, but she is dead wrong to compare the "risks" of regular life like going to the store or going horseback riding with the risks of the coronavirus.

I can decide to ride a horse if I want, but I don't have any choice if this coronavirus infects my lungs before I even know it is around. And my grandkids or my older sister, who is in her 70s, don't have much of a choice in how they "face death" with this outbreak. They don't ride motorcycles for the fun of it.

There are too many scoffing out there as it is. To her and everybody else, do not make light of this. This is not just devil-may-care.

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