County has 600 on COVID watch; state confirmations hit 130 as Laramie, Teton counties surpass Fremont tally count

Apr 1, 2020 From staff reports

More than 600 people in Fremont County have been asked to self-isolate due to an assumed COVID-19 infection over the last two weeks, county officials said Wednesday in their daily coronavirus task force update

Another 56 were added to the total Tuesday, according to the report.


Over the past 14 days, 608 people have been asked to self-isolate in Fremont County, including:

136 in Riverton

131 in Lander

100 on the Wind River Indian Reservation

14 in Arapahoe

11 in Dubois

eight in Fort Washakie

five in Shoshoni

two in Hudson

and one in Pavillion.

Out of the 56 people directed to self-isolate Tuesday, 23 were in Lander, 18 were in Riverton, six each were in Fort Washakie and Arapahoe, two were in Dubois and one was in Pavillion.

Sixty people consulted with Fremont County physicians about potential coronavirus symptoms Tuesday, officials said.

Twenty-five people have tested positive for the coronavirus in Fremont County, including 14 in Lander, 10 in Ethete and one in Riverton.

There are 130 confirmed cases statewide.

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