County players fill all-conference grid lists

Nov 29, 2019 Randy Tucker, Staff Writer

Fremont County players were well represented in the three football divisions that county schools compete in.

In Class 1-A 6-man, sophomore Max Claar of Dubois was named to the West all-conference squad.

Six Shoshoni Wranglers made the elite team led by seniors Chance McCoy, Kadon Dewitt and James Knigge. Juniors Tryston Truempler and Johnny Hilder made the team as well, along with sophomore Nathon Cousineau.

Wind River seniors Kage Vogel and Colton Befus made the team along with Colter Colver, Charles Dillon and Jaden Miller.

Wyoming Indian was represented by Joshua Slow Bear and Dustin Trosper.

A host of Riverton and Lander players earned spots on the Class 3-A East all-conference team. In Class 3-A players are named by position or in a few cases in an at-large selection.

Eli Mazurie made the squad a running back.

Lucas Engle of Riverton and John Fawson of Lander were selected as wide receivers. Riverton's Jared Lucas was named all-conference tight end, with Zane Taylor and Rylan Koehn making the team as offensive linemen.

Broden Mathes and Chris Topaum of Riverton were selected as defensive linemen, along with Lander'sJulien Guina.

Jack Sweeney of Lander and Riverton's Caden Werbelow were honored at linebacker.

Lander's Ty Massey and Wolverine Treyson Draper were selected at defensive back.

At-large selections were Lander's Mason Hutson on the offensive line and Cade Campbell of Riverton at linebacker.

Riverton had two players earn individual honors as the best in their respective positions, with Zane Taylor named the lineman of the year and Caden Werbelow selected as the defensive player of the year.

The Lander Tiger coaching staff under head coach John Scott was selected as the coach of the year. Scott's assistants this season were John Rounds, Scott Schultz and Kevin Jordan.

6-Man West - All-Conference

Jarom Davidson - Burlington

Gideon George - Burlington

Kody Gotfriedson - Burlington

Kolby Broederlow - Burlington

Max Claar - Dubois

Parker Clawson - Farson-Eden

Colby Jones - Farson-Eden

Zander Reed - Farson-Eden

Wyatt Duncan - Little Snake River

Tony Enriquez - Little Snake River

Karter Evans - Little Snake River

Oscar Herrera - Little Snake River

Riggen Myers - Little Snake River

Taylor Otte - Little Snake River

Zander Risner - Little Snake River

Asa Eldredge - Meeteetse

Kalvin Erickson - Meeteetse

Nathaniel Boreen - Riverside

Tate Clutter - Riverside

Cash Duncan - Riverside

Player of the Year: Riggen Myers, LSR

Coach of the Year: Jack Cobb, LSR

Class 1-A West All-Conference

Nate Barnes, Jr. - Cokeville

Ethan Bird, Jr. - Cokeville

Devan Donahue, Sr. - Cokeville

Garrett King, Sr. - Cokeville

Luke Swarting, Sr. - Cokeville

Tyler Moyes, Jr. - Cokeville

Tyler Banks, Jr. - Rocky Mountain

Tyson Christiansen, Soph. - Rocky Mountain

Austin Haslem, Jr. - Rocky Mountain

Zane Horrocks, Jr. - Rocky Mountain

Jaxon Jolley, Jr. - Rocky Mountain

Trace Moss, Jr. - Rocky Mountain

Nathon Cousineau, Soph. - Shoshoni

Kadon DeWitt, Sr. - Shoshoni

Johnny Hilder, Jr. - Shoshoni

James Knigge, Sr. - Shoshoni

Chance McCoy, Sr. - Shoshoni

Tryston Truempler, Jr. - Shoshoni

Colton Befus, Sr. - Wind River

Colter Colver, Jr. - Wind River

Charles Dillon, Jr. - Wind River

Jaden Miller, Soph. - Wind River

Kage Vogel, Sr. - Wind River

Joshua Slow Bear, Soph. - Wyoming Indian

Dustin Trosper, Jr. - Wyoming Indian

Offensive Player of the Year: Devan Donahue, Cokeville

Defensive Player of the Year: Nate Barnes, Cokeville

Class 3-A East All-Conference

QB - AJ Yeaman, Douglas; Rudy Sanford, Worland

RB - Kadin Forney, Rawlins; Eli Mazurie, Lander; Gabe Borman, Douglas

WR - Connor Mendez, Rawlins; Lucas Engle, Riverton; John Fawson, Lander; Cooper Gamble, Douglas

TE - Jared Lucas, Riverton

OL - Zane Taylor, Riverton; Edel Diaz-Jaime, Douglas; Dawson Stinson, Douglas; Trey Wright, Worland; Rylan Koehn, Riverton; Victor Fonseca, Rawlins; Kenny Raymond, Rawlins

DL - Cody Pinkerton, Douglas; Corbin Harris, Torrington; Broden Mathes, Riverton; Julien Guina, Lander; Kris Topaum, Riverton; Brody Hernandez, Worland

LB - Jack Sweeney, Lander; Pudge Hofmann, Worland; Caden Werbelow, Riverton; Jackson Jones, Torrington; Koby Case, Douglas

DB - Devon Mercado, Worland; Ty Massey, Lander; Treyson Draper, Riverton; Sutton Perry, Douglas

At-Large - Mason Hutson - OL, Lander; Jake Halquist - LB, Douglas; Kody Micke - OL, Douglas; Cale Collins - FB/H, Douglas; Kie Foster - OL, Rawlins; Cade Campbell - LB, Riverton

Specialists- Luke Mortimer, Worland; Kyson Robinson, Rawlins

Offensive Player of the Year: Kadin Forney, Rawlins

Defensive Player of the Year: Caden Werbelow, Riverton

Special Teams Player of the Year: Luke Mortimer, Worland

Lineman of the Year: Zane Taylor, Riverton

Coach of the Year: Lander staff

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