Nuclear storage 'a lot cleaner' than coal or oil

Nov 27, 2019 Kent Culber / Riverton


Betty Starks Case was terribly uninformed when she wrote about storing nuclear fuel.

The facility for this process is highly advanced technically, with multiple, redundant safety aspects. The material is much safer stored in a certified scientific facility that most of the current methods are far more dangerous than the monitored storage site being considered.

The concept that was examined in the 1990s, when we lived there, would have brought a $2 billion construction project to the Riverton area, a thousand times bigger than Job Corps was. It would have had a high-paid work force of 150 jobs.

As for being "dirty," this would be a lot cleaner than the coal mines, the oil wells and even the gas wells. Zero emissions from the plants or the storage. No ash, no flaring, no smell, no water pollution.

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