Seven from county all-state FB

Nov 26, 2019 Randy Tucker, Staff Writer

Seven players from Fremont County were selected to the all-state football team in Class 1-A and Class 3-A for the 2019 season.

From Riverton, 6-foot-5 sophomore Lucas Engle was selected at wide receiver, along with 6-foot-5, 270-pound senior Zane Taylor as an offensive lineman. Taylor also is Class 3-A co-lineman of the year with Chase Merrill of Star Valley.

Caden Werbelow, a 6-2, 185- pound senior made the team at linebacker and was named a co-defensive player of the year with Hazen Erickson of Star Valley.

Lander's all-around player Jack Sweeney was selected at linebacker. Ty Massey made it as a cornerback.

Shoshoni junior Tryston Truempler and Wind River senior Colton Befus were both named to the Class 1-A all-state squad.

Class 3-A all-state football

Quarterback: Sadler Smith-Jackson, A.J. Yeaman-Douglas

Running Back: Jeydon Cox-Jackson, R.J. Cazier-Star Valley, Brody Karhu-Powell, Kadin Forney-Rawlins

Wide Receiver: Peter Goettler-Jackson, Dean Shaw-Star Valley, Conner Mendez-Rawlins. Lucas Engle-Riverton

Tight End: David Castillo-Star Valley

Offensive Line: Trent Clark-Star Valley, Lucas Chappel-Star Valley, Gabe Nield-Star Valley, Jeff Williams-Cody, Geordan Weimer-Powell, Zane Taylor-Riverton, Edel Diaz-Jamie

Defensive Line: Parker Merritt-Star Valley, Duncan Radokovich-Cody, Branden McDonald-Star Valley, Keith Conner-Cody, Kevin Flores-Jackson, Cody Pinkerton-Douglas, Corbin Harris-Torrington, Thomas Harvey-Green River,

Linebacker:Jack Sweeney-Lander, Pudge Hoffman-Worland, Caden Werbelow-Riverton, Payton Tucker-Green River, Hazen Erickson-Star Valley, Nic Talich-Cody, Colter Dawson-Jackson-Carson Olson-Powell

Defensive Back: Matt Sandoval-Cody, Tristan Blatt-Cody, Ty Massey, Lander, Devon Mercado-Worland, James Erickson-Star Valley

Specialists: Chase Merrill-Star Valley, Luke Mortimer-Worland

At Large: Jake Halquist-Douglas, Kirby Castagno-Jackson Keaton Shore-Cody, Bryson Jenkins-Star Valley, Brant Nelson-Star Valley

Offensive Players of the Year: Jeydon Cox-Jackson, Kadin Forney-Rawlins

Defensive Players of the Year: Hazen Erickson-Star Valley, Caden Werbelow-Riverton

Special Teams Players of the Year: Chase Merrill-Star Valley, Luke Mortimer-Worland

Linemen of the year: Chase Merrill-Star Valley, Zane Taylor-Riverton

Class 1-A all-state football

Big Horn - Carson Bates, Will Pelissier, James Richards, Quinn McCafferty, Ayden Phillips, Christian Walker, Kyler Ostler, Cutler Bradshaw, Josh Thompso, Winfield Loomis, Nolan Radar

Southeast Goshen - Tate Carson, Ryan Clapper, Harrison Hall, Patrick Swank

Wright - Dax Yeradi, Conagher Testerman, Zeb Goodrich

Shoshoni - Tryston Truempler,

Tongue River - Kyle Breen

Cokeville - Nate Barnes, Tyler Moyes, Devan Donahue, Garrett King, Ethan Bird, Luke Swarting

Upton-Sundance - Kye Taylor, Brayden Bruce, Jess Claycomb, Jayden Caylor, Wyatt Gillespie, Joe Bishop

Lusk - Drake Lamp, Damien Molzahn, Dylan Molzahn

Rocky Mountain - Trace Moss, Tyler Banks

Pine Bluffs - Brian Steger, Kyle Thurin

Wind River - Colton Befus

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