Holiday meal service all set for Thursday

Nov 26, 2019 Clair McFarland, Staff Writer

Hearts and hands are gathering to bring Thanksgiving to Fremont County in a big way.

The annual Key Club Thanksgiving meal delivery uses the certified kitchen at the JAmes H. Moore Career Center, where RHS culinary staff cooked the turkeys early this week, and volunteers have been carving them into savory portions for what will be at least 550 prepared, cooked Thanksgiving meals, home-delivered.

The meals will be boxed into separate hot and cold containers and delivered to people around the community who signed up to receive meals.

Drive organizer Alma Law said the club's general estimate for this year is that 500 meals will be needed - extras will go to Set Free Church and other local organizations. Nearly 600 meals went out last year, and 728 were delivered the year before.

"The job market has picked up a little bit," said Law, who said the guess-work for meal needs isn't perfect from year to year, but "we do our best."

She said 45 turkeys were donated this year, and St. Margaret's Church was tasked with supplying the stuffing, Rotary Club with providing the green been casserole, and Kiwanis with making the sweet potato casserole.

"Instead of having a big call for people to show up with casseroles, we've been assigning organizations - so it all comes together," Law said.

However, the call for volunteers still remains: anyone interested in helping with the drive can arrive at the Career Center on Thanks-giving morning at around 9:30 a.m., for a quick packing session that usually ends around 11:30 or noon, leaving the rest of the holiday free - and fulfilled.

So fulfilling is the effort, Law said, that "most people who show up and help on Thursday morning make that a yearly routine," because, he added,

"It's a beautiful sight, to be involved in this big volunteer effort, and to know that Riverton takes care of itself."

Law's last shout-out of Thanksgiving gratitude was to past organizers Gay Hughes and Claire Peart, both of whom are still "big helpers in it... and it wouldn't have ever happened without them."

For more information, to order a meal (no questions asked) or to ask about volunteer opportunities, contact the Riverton Senior Citizens Center at 856-6332.

Christian Food Storehouse

With 20 years of Thanksgiving benevolence behind it, the Christian Food Storehouse enters yet another Thanksgiving food drive, in which un-prepared food materials go out to families in need, with no proof of need required.

Storehouse operator Cinde Pfisterer said that the turkeys, milk and other cornucopia fillers will be packed Wednesday by 4-H members and volunteers at the Christian Food Storehouse at 219 North 3rd East, starting at noon. At 1 p.m., volunteers host a gratitude-themed devotional, after which meals are passed to those who have signed up to receive them, at about 3 p.m.

This year, the organization plans to hand out about 125 bags of food, which will feed at least a thousand people. Each family bag of food weighs between 40-45 pounds, Pfisterer said.

"None of it is is cooked," she said.

"This is for their own homes," and preparation, and traditions to embrace.

While signups are closed, Pfisterer estimated that extra items would likely be available after the giveaway Wednesday afternoon.

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