When slow is fast

Oct 3, 2019 By Steven R. Peck, Publisher

By necessity, the presidential impeachment inquiry launched by the U.S. House of Representatives cannot be, and will not be, an abbreviated process. Don't look for a speedy resolution in either direction.

It involves lots of investigation, both publicly and behind the scenes. Anyone who is thinking or hoping that this whole thing will come and go in a period of a few weeks will be disappointed. The earliest it could reach any point of resolution, or so the experts say, would be by the end of the year. Even moving swiftly, that would be a best-case scenario.

Recall that the Clinton impeachment investigation and trial took many months, and the Nixon impeachment investigation took more than a year.

There is lots of talk among the national news media types about how fast this is all happening. Fast is a matter of definition, particularly when Congress is involved.

The members might see it as fast, but by any other practical human standard, it won't be. This will drag on for months -- and remember, there's no certainty that actual impeachment will happen at all.

Wolverines and Tigers

Every high school football game between the Riverton Wolverines and Lander Tigers is meaningful. This year's installment comes up Friday night.

In smaller-town America, an October ball game between two longtime county rivals provides all the "meaning" any fan could ever need. In this case, however, the game has real import for the football season itself.

Both Riverton and Lander enter the Game with identical records of one win and zero losses in the class 3-A East conference. In this league, two conference victories usually is enough to earn a postseason playoff opportunity.

This is not to say that the Wolverines or Tigers couldn't get that second win -- or thirdk or fourth -- somewhere else on the schedule, but everyone knows how much both teams would love not just beating the other, but to have it means something important in the standings too. In the recent dry spell for both programs, that hasn't often been the case.

The game will be the first Riverton-Lander game played on the newly resurfaced field at Bill Bush Stadium in Lander. It's the same soft, fast artificial grass that has been used at Wolverine Field in Riverton since it opened about a decade ago.

Better yet, at least in terms of the newspaper photographer, there are new lights there as well. For years the Lander field, one of the most scenically situated in all Wyoming, also was bumpy to play on and poorly lit for both spectators and -- slefishly, we know -- photographers.

The new field has been getting raves from players and spectators in its first few games.

We remember, when Wolverine Field opened, a Wolverine player telling former Ranger photographer Wayne Nicholls "It's going to be fun getting tackled on this!" The kids who play on the stuff always love it.

The rejuvenated Lander gridiron will add an extra element of interest to a game that already ranks high in that department. Be there if you can.

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