Speeding truck rolls twice in Hudson

Oct 2, 2019 Clair McFarland, Staff Writer

Injuries and an arrest resulted from a one-vehicle rollover that took place at about 1:45 p.m. Tuesday in Hudson.

Eyewitness Harry Miller of Lander said the driver of a white Dodge pickup involved - later identified as 58-year-old Michael Lynch - entered Hudson southbound on Wyoming Highway 789 at a "high rate of speed."

Miller told law enforcement Lynch was driving about 50-60 miles per hour.

Lynch then attempted to navigate the concrete-guarded curve on the south side of town but instead left the road on the inner side of the curve, hit the steep shoulder and rolled twice, crashing through a wooden fence and into a resident's yard.

The male passenger was ejected, according to multiple reports.

Miller said the passenger "got thrown" as high as a nearby tree, behind which the truck eventually came to rest.

The passenger was transported by ambulance to receive medical care, but witnesses said he was "stable."

Wyoming Highway Patrol Lt. Travis Hauser later said that the passenger may have suffered a broken back, but the situation was not "life threatening."

Agents from the Fremont County Sheriff's Office and the Wyoming Highway Patrol interviewed Lynch, who was able to walk with assistance, before placing him in an ambulance.

WHP cited Lynch for not wearing a seatbelt, possession of fewer than three ounces of a plant substance, lane use, open container, and driving while under the influence. He is currently in FCSO custody.

Miller noted that the driver and passenger "couldn't even stand up or anything."

"They're lucky," he said. "At least they're lucky right now - I'm not sure of the final outcome."

Yard parking

Skip Crooks said he came home from work when he was notified that someone had crashed through his fence and into his yard.

He said the incident took him by surprise.

"I always thought our house was on the safe side of the road, like if (drivers) were to slide off the road it'd usually be to that side," he said, gesturing to the concrete rail guarding the outer crescent of the road.

Still, said Crooks, things could have been worse: The truck barely missed landing in a pond on Crooks's property.

"I'm just glad they're OK," he said of the people involved.

Gas pipe

Aside from personal injuries to driver and passenger, and damage to the pickup, and to Crooks's property, Hauser said that the truck struck a gas pipe as well.

"We smelled (propane) in one area and ended up calling for the gas company," he said. "I'm assuming they got it fixed."

The gas leak was concerning for officials, who prohibited onlookers from going near the crash site.

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