Tuesday notes

Sep 24, 2019 By Steven R. Peck, Publisher

Tuesday notes

Saturday shooting

It's troubling news for our community that a man was shot to death Saturday afternoon in Riverton in front of a big-box store. In this case, a Riverton police officer shot after the man pulled a knife and, according to eyewitnesses, attacked the officer with what could have been deadly force had the officer not been wearing his protective vest.

That is a complicated situation in and of itself, made more so because a person of color was shot by a Caucasian officer. In this day and age that is not just a troubling situation, but, potentially, an electrifying one.

There will be considerable investigation, with questions, and conclusions. Many people were there at the time, and some of them saw the shooting. Reportedly there also is surveillance video from the store itself. Those are investigative tools which aren't available to all such investigations, and we are fortunate that they exist for this one.

This marks the second time this calendar year in which a law-enforcement officer has shot a man to death in our city. Regardless of the circumstances, we all wish events such as this one didn't happen here among us. It is unsettling. The task before us is to gather the facts, ensure a thorough, transparent investigation that can yield conclusions with integrity, and be ready to move forward relying on the best within us.

Cowboys 3-1

It wasn't exactly tough luck for the Wyoming Cowboys Saturday afternoon in Tulsa, but it was a tough outcome. Wyoming clearly was good enough to beat Tulsa as it tried to push its season-opening record to four wins and zero losses. And, after a nice-fourth quarter rebound from a sub-standard performance to that point, the Cowboys were down near the goal line, ready to score the winning touchdown. Instead - darn it all - there was a fumble by the player Cowboy fans have come to the adore this season. More often than not, young quarterback Sean Chambers has come up with a big play when the Cowboys needed it. That's what he was trying to do Saturday.

As long as human beings continue to play the sports we love to follow, this kind of thing is unavoidable. We'd bet Chambers will have more big plays than boo-boos as the season progresses.

The Cowboys still have a good year going, and the Mountain West Conference schedule is coming up. That's when the real fun starts. Go Pokes.

Fair scrapbook

Much overdue is our annual Fremont County Fair Scrapbook edition. We've had some personnel emergencies in the office which made doing anything other than simply getting a paper out every day a very tall hurdle. Now the ducks appear to be in a row for us to print the scrapbook Friday and insert it in the Sunday Ranger and Sunday Lander Journal. The fair concluded just last month, so it isn't as if we are producing this edition just in time for Christmas. Still, it's later than we, and interested readers, no doubt, would prefer.

DJ 100

Our new "DJ 100" investment has more or less been spinning its wheels since we launched it Aug. 6, although it does show some growth. This is the fourth time we've invited readers to play along with the idea of putting some money into what's called an "index fund," which requires no stock analysis, or even stock picking. It simply watches the daily rise or fall of, in this case, the Dow Jones Industrial Average. If the index rises, the investment rises.

It's one of the simplest investments that can be made, and many analysts say it's one of the best as well, because the general trend of stock prices over the decades has been to rise.

Had you actually invested $100 in a Dow Jones Industrial Average index fund on Aug. 6 and left it alone since then, as of Tuesday morning it would have been worth $104.24, down about 50 cents from a week earlier.

We plan to follow this imaginary investment through election day 2020.

Fall's arrival

Summer departed over the weekend, and autumn has arrived. It's the only season with two names that are used interchangeably, perhaps because it brings the greatest variations of weather - almost as if it is two seasons instead of one.

Fall weather in Wyoming often is the most beautiful of the year, so long as summer doesn't loosen its grip too quickly or too suddenly. The opening days could not have been better.

But there's no question that the season brings foreboding with it. Indeed, there already is an extended weather forecast which says we could get snow as soon as next week. Slow down, Mother Nature. No need for that yet.

We know winter weather will arrive in due time. But "due time" isn't September. We need our last vestiges of summer, our beautiful golden October, and our gradual ease into the holiday season.

There's nothing we can do to ensure any of that, of course, but we can hope that fall goes easy on us. If it does, there's no better time to live in the Wind River Basin.

Here's to a good week.

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