Sinner named to open slot on Fremont County Fair Board

Sep 22, 2019 Clair McFarland, Staff Writer

After delivering an energetic interview before the Fremont County Board of Commissioners, Alan Sinner of Riverton was appointed to serve a one-and-a-half-year term on the Fremont County Fair Board.

Sinner was chosen from a field or five applicants.

The fair board is volunteer panel but involves oversight of fair management, rules, regulations and fairgrounds maintenance, which, commissioners emphasized to all applicants, is a year-round obligation.

Sinner felt that among his attributes, sheer willingness was the one that would make him a good fit for the position. A lifelong resident of Fremont County, the longtime photography professional said serving the fair was a "perfect opportunity" for him to give back.

"I think it's time to do some work for the community," he told commissioners. "I think you have a great board right now, you have some sharp young people, and I think it'd be a great opportunity to work with them."

Commissioners put several questions to Sinner during his interview - the same questions placed before all five applicants for the position.

Questions included inquiries about his personal interest in and merit for board service, his stance on the recently crescendoed rules and regulations governing youth entries at the fair, and whether he would support the building of a track for horse racing on the fairgrounds.

Commissioner Clarence Thom-as noted that Indian relays and other horse-race events are profitable attractions at other fair venues, and he asked Sinner what he thought of expanding fair facilities to accommodate such events.

Sinner responded that money and space were factors, but that he was certainly interested in analyzing the prospect and possibly pursuing a temporary sales tax or bond issue if the community was favorable to the change.

"Those things are big, and I think that would draw a lot (of revenue)," said Sinner.

In a later interview, Thomas would clarify that it wasn't a distinct demand for horse racing that had prompted him to ask applicants about their openness to the construction of a track, but that it was, rather, a question formulated to test applicants' attitudes toward expansion in general.

After five different interviews with applicants, the commissioners shared a brief discussion before casting a weighted ballot.

Commissioner Jennifer McCarty asked Commissioner Larry Allen what his thoughts were, and the latter said Sinner has several connections the community to make things happen. Also, "he's very enthusiastic. He could be a major influence on fundraisers, volunteers, new ideas."

Uncommon interest

Other applicants for the position were Bobby Lane, Christy Gabel, Gary Crichton, and Ryan Hedges - and commissioners were grateful for all of them. Lane and Hedges are past board members.

Commission Chairman Travis Becker said "we had a good round of applicants. I just wish we had that interest in all our boards, but we'll take it as it comes."

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