Tuesday notes

Sep 17, 2019 Steven R. Peck, Publisher

Leafy show

Fremont County is not New England or the Hudson River Valley when it comes to colorful fall leaves, but there is some beautiful turning-leaf scenery to be seen in the Wind River Mountains.

In the lower valleys, the leaves don't reach full color (non-green color, that is) until October, but in high elevations the aspens begin to transform to their brilliant gold right about now. In the drive up toward South Pass, there are low-lying shrubs that show deep red, with the evergreens providing dramatic contrast.

A couple of Ranger readers were up there over the weekend and report that the leaves were showing only the slightest beginnings of change. Actually, that's a bit later than it often happens in that region, so the next two weeks or so should show the best possible mix of green leaves, yellow leaves, red shrubs and dark green conifers.

Give it a look. It's one our local gifts of the season, and there's no admission charge.

Could have been worse

Speaking of unforgettable sights, motorists and nearby residents of the area near Riverton Regional Airport and the National Weather Service office west of Riverton probably could scarcely believe their eyes Friday afternoon when they looked over and saw a huge cement mixer truck sliding down U.S. Highway 26. As detailed in our front-page story on Sunday, the truck turned over on its side somehow, then skidded down the road for something like an eighth of a mile.

It's just not the kind of thing you'll see every day. Most people, in fact, will never see it in a lifetime. As striking as the accident looked, it might have been much worse. As it was, the truck didn't hit other vehicles, it stayed on the road, and the driver looked to have escaped without a major injury.

A remarkable sight, for sure, with some remarkable luck to go with it.

Winning ways

College football fans nationwide probably aren't aware of it, but the Wyoming Cowboys have one of the longest winning streaks in the sport. Only top-ranked Clemson at 18 and Appalachian State and Ohio State, both at nine, have won more games in a row than the Pokes. Wyoming won a tough one Saturday night over the Idaho Vandals.

Looking at the rest of the Wyoming schedule, a postseason bowl game seems highly likely. There are nine games left, and at least half of them were rated as "winnable" for the Cowboys even before the 3-0 start this season. It takes at least six wins to be considered for a bowl bid, and it's hard to see Wyoming not achieving that benchmark, and then some.

A win for the Wolverines

Nice occasion for the Riverton high school football team. Wolverines went down to Evanston and one, something I haven't been in any form, against any opponent, almost 2 years.

Better yet, it was the sort of chips-or-down victory that makes anyone more satisfied - I suppose, too, say, the Denver Broncos, who blew it literally with one second left to play on Sunday.

Congratulations, then, to coach Pat Patterson, and his Wolverines. The victory was a long time coming, and there is a strong a feeling that this won't be the last one this season by any means.

4 Seasons donated the cooler

Our apologies for an error in a recent Tuesday notes that made mention of the generosity of a contributor to Riverton High School's charitable effort on behalf on an injured Powell football player.

The cooler made available for the in-game raffle that helped generate more than $6,000 for the Asher family was donated by the Wiese family of 4 Seasons Sports Center in Riverton.

Sorry about that, and we join with the community in reaffirming local appreciation for this and all the efforts made for the Panther player's family.

Last days of summer

It's the last week of full summer on the hemispheric scale. A week from now the autumnal equinox will have passed. Fall will have begun.

Tuesday certainly didn't seem like a summery day in Fremont County. Just how many of those we might still get this year is impossible to say, but it's safe to assume our fall will bring us some of the nicest weather of the year. Still, there's a certain melancholy that goes with the calendar the third week of September.

Make the most what's left of the season, and here's to a good week.

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