Raiders smoke Powell in Saturday doubleheader

Jun 9, 2019 By Randy Tucker, Staff Writer

Riverton put the bat to the ball in a pair of 10-run blowouts of visiting Powell on Saturday afternoon. The Raiders took both American Legion baseball contests in five innings via the 10-run rule, winning the first one 13-3 and the second 26-16.

The wins move the Raiders to 9-7 overall and a tie for first place in their Class A section at 3-1.

Paced by a grand slam over the left field fence by Kendric Muehler in the bottom of a 10-run fifth inning, Riverton rolled over the visiting Pioneers.

"We didn't field the ball very well, but we hit well," Riverton manager Troy Brown said. "When you hit like we can you can have a day where you don't play defense very well, and you can still win."

With Derick Lange and Brock Hinkle reaching base on singles and Dillon Lange drawing a walk the Raiders jumped ahead 7-3 on Muehler's shot that landed just short of the irrigation canal outside Roy Peck Field.

Cody Frazier and Dillon Fabricus each hit doubles, and the Raiders sent 15 batters to the plate in the fifth inning.

Powell led early in the contest 2-0 before Riverton tied the game and took the lead again on a suicide squeeze bunt in the top of the third.

Powell's Garrett Stutzman took off from third as the pitch left Aquillo Friday's hand and Cameron Wertz laid down a bunt eight feet in front of Hinkle at catcher. The play was near perfect and Stutzman crossed the plate before Hinkle had control.

Wertz didn't fare so well a couple of plays later when Hinkle, Frazier and Dillon Lange caught him in a pickle between third and home, closing in for the out as Lange tagged him.

The long balls just kept flying in the second game. After Powell took a 3-0 lead to open the contest Riverton answered with Dillon Lange and Muehler each drawing a walk to set up a towering shot by Frazier over the deep centerfield fence.

Another walk by Fabricus and Martinez hit a double into deep center for a 4-3 Riverton lead.

Powell jumped ahead on a five-run inning own in the top of the second. Two Riverton errors left a pair of men on base.

Trailing 8-5, Riverton tied it with another Frazier home run, this one an inside-the-park sprint by the fleet-footed third baseman that scored Dillon Lange and Muehler.

Frazier tallied seven RBIs on the game and paced the Raiders to the lopsided 26-run performance. Martinez and Fabricus both hit doubles and triples in the high scoring affair, and Fabricus finished with five RBIs.

"A lot of today had to do with the long week, football practices along with playing baseball. They were definitely beat up and tired," Brown said. "You can get an ugly win."

The Raiders play Wednesday at Jackson in a double-header beginning at 5 p.m.

Powell 2 0 1 0 0 - 3 7 3

Riverton 2 0 0 1 10 - 13 16 4

Riverton - Dillon Lange 2-4 2S, Kendric Muehler 1-4 HR, Cody Frazier 2-3 S 2B, Dillon Fabricus 3-3 2S 2B, Jereko Martinez 1-4 S, Blake Dale 4-4 4S, Derick Lange 0-2, Brock Hinkle 3-3 3S, Aquillo Friday 0-3, Totals 16-30

Powell - Totals 7-24

WP - Aquillo Friday (86) 5K, 7H, 2BB

LP - Colin Queen (94) 6K, 14H, 1BB, Kolt Flores (17) 2H, 2BB

Powell 3 5 2 1 5 - 16 14 4

Riverton 5 3 10 8 - 26 15 6

Riverton - Dillon Lange 1-4 S, Muehler 1-2 S, Frazier 3-3 2-HR, Rylan Koehn 0-1, Fabricus 2-4 2B, 3B, Martinez 3-4 S, 2B, 3B , Dale 2-3 2S, Derick Lange 0-2, Friday 1-2 S, Hinkle 1-3 S, Trey Draper 1-2 S, Totals 15-28

Powell - Totals 14-32

WP - Vincent Brown (51) 8H, 1BB, Blake Dale (69) 1K, 6H, 2BB

LP - Cameron Wertz (68) 2K, 5H, 4BB, Garrett Stutzman (35) 4H, 3BB, Noah Blough (38) 4H, 2BB, Zane Cordes (13) 3K, 2H

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