Stories written by: Jerry Humphries, Riverton

Jerry Humphries, Riverton
Jul 2, 2020

Editor: Well, those lower gas pries wer nice while we had them. Toward the beginning of spring, overnight, one the Riverton gasoline tycoons lowered the price ...

Jerry Humphries, Riverton
Feb 1, 2018

Editor: After reading Patty Slack's letter on the same subject, I also have an opinion on the request by the Arapaho Tribe to be exempt from paying property ...

Jerry Humphries, Riverton
Jun 24, 2016

Editor: I do feel for Gillette and Campbell County in all the job losses there in the coal mines. Thirty-some years ago on Fremont County we were going ...

Jerry Humphries, Riverton
Nov 10, 2015

Editor: Responding to Steve Willow's letter about term limits for tribal government, there is nothing stopping voters from limiting the terms of tribal ...

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