Stories written by: Harold Schultz

Harold Schultz
Nov 11, 2020

So far, this has been a decent fall for yours truly. The meat freezer is filling up and a lot of good memories with old friends are in my mental filing ...

Harold Schultz
Aug 6, 2020

It was Sept. 1, the opening day of mountain grouse season. I was gently moving down an exploration road on the back side of Green Mountain, shotgun in hand. ...

Harold Schultz
Jun 3, 2020

For those of us who love wildlife and wild places, one of the most important things we can do is introduce other people to our outdoor world. This activity, ...

Harold Schultz
Apr 29, 2020

It goes without saying that when we leave the pavement and venture out into the wilds there is certain amount of risk that goes with us. Personally, I feel ...

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