Stories written by: Clair McFarland

Clair McFarland
Oct 14, 2021

Coach soccer, they said. It'll be fun. When we signed our 7-year-old twins up to play youth soccer, the league director told all the parents that if one of ...

Clair McFarland
Sep 30, 2021

Hearing "Mountain Time" by Ian Munsick burst open the capillaries of my imagination. The song is about rushing home from a tour to be with one's love, but ...

Clair McFarland
Sep 2, 2021

There's a drought in Fremont County because it only rains in my house. I've always been stubborn about the fact that my four sons are my main job. Yes, ...

Clair McFarland
Oct 31, 2019

If love is in the air, I'm getting a gas mask. I thought I had more time before my sons thought of their female friends in romantic terms, but here it is, ...

Clair McFarland
Jul 25, 2019

Once there were two friends, both 11 years old, one boy and one girl. They rambled over desert hills, hunted blue-bellied lizards, and spat on things. The ...

Clair McFarland
Jun 13, 2019

Legend had it, the snake couldn't die. We met our pet snake while he was sunning on tectonic sandstones the 10th day of spring, but there was a dispute over ...

Clair McFarland
May 16, 2019

If I go missing, blame the cat. Since we got her last Christmas, the green-eyed black cat known as Luna has had an unnatural attachment to me. She thwarts ...

Clair McFarland
May 2, 2019

Once there were a king and queen who wanted desperately to have children. Eventually, they did. The queen bore twin girls, and, in a rare moment of being ...

Clair McFarland
Mar 23, 2017

Video games were important all winter long Amid the depths of this bygone winter, the males of the household turned to video games for relief from ...

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