Stories written by: Chuck Rodgers

Chuck Rodgers
Nov 10, 2020

If you truly understand another person, you cannot hate that person. You can vehemently disagree, you may disapprove, but you cannot hate. When someone ...

Chuck Rodgers
Aug 12, 2020

Is there a simple technique which would place you at the center of your life, which you would find empowering, which would help you to take responsible action ...

Chuck Rodgers
Aug 4, 2020

Here is an approach to living adapted from reality therapy which you might find helpful. I like it because it acknowledges that you are in control of how you ...

Chuck Rodgers
May 27, 2020

Let me tell you a few things about questions. There is always a supposition, or target, contained in a question. We are goal-seeking beings and are wired to ...

Chuck Rodgers
May 26, 2020

q A question not only focuses you on the target, but it orients you and impels you to move toward hitting it. Let me tell you a few things about questions. ...

Chuck Rodgers
May 7, 2020

Isolation is one of the three behaviors which promote depression. It often sets the stage for the other two: brooding and lack of pleasant activities. Say an ...

Chuck Rodgers
Apr 30, 2020

There are many good ideas you are probably familiar with to help you during this challenging time. I want to give you an idea you would not be familiar with ...

Chuck Rodgers
Apr 23, 2020

How do we know if someone is depressed? Primary symptoms of depression are: withdrawal, worry, and lack of pleasure which clinically is called ...

Chuck Rodgers
Apr 3, 2020

In these unprecedented and strange times, it is understandable that we are preoccupied with the coronavirus, and that we often feel afraid and, perhaps, even ...

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