Stories written by: Betty Starks Case

Betty Starks Case
Sep 14, 2017

"On the road to nowhere." That was the front-page headline of an out-of-town article not long ago on the town of Pavillion, Wyoming. I graduated high school ...

Betty Starks Case
Aug 31, 2017

Are you a horoscope reader? A believer? I read mine now and then just for fun. Do you suppose it might teach me something if I gave it a chance? A recent ...

Betty Starks Case
Mar 30, 2017

No two humans are exactly alike, we're told, although there are similarities. The same is said to be true of snowflakes, but I doubt many have compared ...

Betty Starks Case
Aug 18, 2016

"Knowing I'm on the street where you live ..." The once popular song dances through my mind. Am I imagining a street of dreams, or the one in the song ...

Betty Starks Case
May 26, 2016

Families are the way to do it on Memorial Day Did you know the first Memorial Day was declared following the Civil War? That poppies are among the ...

Betty Starks Case
Apr 28, 2016

In many places, that's where most of the work happens Call them what you will. But I'm here to define the position as you may have never seen it ...

Betty Starks Case
Apr 14, 2016

Did you plan your life when you were young? Did the years follow your plan? As most of us learn, life often brings surprises. Like grandkids - some arrive ...

Betty Starks Case
Feb 18, 2016

'Sister/cousin' Mae could show today's athletes and pols a thing or two Maesie. I don't know how her dad would have spelled the name. But that's what ...

Betty Starks Case
Sep 19, 2013

That goes for scenery, air and another's needs "Are you sure we should be up in the high hills alone after Labor Day?" I ask my mate. "Most ...

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