Students at CWC weigh $1 per credit contribution to campus projects

Nov 1, 2013 By Katie Roenigk, Staff Writer

Students at Central Wyoming College are considering donating $1 to campus improvement projects for each credit they take at the school.

The contribution would add up to about $40,000 each year, administrators said.

Student involvement

Student senate president Rory Ashdown told the CWC Board of Trustees that his peers have been receptive to the idea so far.

"We got fairly positive feedback," Ashdown said during the October board meeting.

"It's not a lot in addition to what they're already paying (so) it's not a big deal (individually), but collectively, with all of the students doing it, it'll be a big impact."

He added that students want to be involved in selecting potential improvement projects funded by the donations. He suggested that the school could give senators a list of priorities for the campus so students could express their opinions about preferred projects.

President Joanne McFarland student inclusion would be a "given."

"The college improvement fees, if assessed, would be very appropriate as long as we ensure we have a very, very clear audit trail (outlining) the purposes for which they were assessed," she said.

Jason Wood, CWC's executive vice president for student and academic services, agreed that the donations should go toward projects that are meaningful to the student body. He said students could help design the project and monitor its progress, then host a ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate its completion.

"This is really intended to work closely with them," said Wood.

Trustee Scott Phister said the experience would be educational and give students a stronger connection to the campus.

"(They would be) able to take ownership and be able to take an active part in the learning process," he said.

Wood is scheduled to meet with the student senate in the coming months to discuss the proposition, and McFarland anticipates bringing a possible fee schedule to the board during its November meeting.

She said no internal decisions have been made yet as to whether CWC will move forward with the $1 idea.

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