Cowboys eye to rebound on Saturday night at San Jose State

Oct 25, 2013 The Associated Press

One missed tackle.


That's what Wyoming coach Dave Christensen saw when watching game film of San Jose State linebacker Keith Smith.

Not in his last game. In the entire season.

"I saw him miss one tackle in all the games they've played. One," Christensen said on Monday, adding extra emphasis on the last word. "He's a really good football player."

The numbers certainly back that up. Through six games, the senior is tied for third in the nation with 89 total tackles and leads the country with 14.8 tackles per game.

Smith is equally adept at creeping in to stop the run or falling back into pass coverage, and he's as sure a tackler as there may be in the Mountain West.

Perhaps most importantly, Smith is undoubtedly San Jose State's best and most productive defensive player -- and it isn't even close.

The Spartans' second leading tackles, Christian Tago, has 47 tackles this season, almost half of Smith's total.

More often than not, when San Jose State has needed a big defensive play, Smith has had to be the one to provide it.

This week, another Smith is going to have to make sure he keeps an eye on the Spartans' senior linebacker.

"He's very active, and you can tell that he brings an intensity to that defense," junior quarterback Brett Smith said.

"He's the leader of that defense."

He's just that type of player."

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