College drew 181,000 for more than 4,400 events in fiscal year

Oct 23, 2013 By Katie Roenigk, Staff Writer

Central Wyoming College hosted more than 4,450 events during this fiscal year, drawing more than 181,000 people to its campuses throughout the state.

The numbers were down from fiscal year 2012, when 184,000 people attended about 4,850 events at CWC.

Facilities and events coordinator Liz Butters attributed the decrease to remodeling projects that were ongoing this year at the classroom wing and professional-technical building on the Riverton campus.

Monthly numbers

Butters said April, October, November and March were the most-active months during the most recent fiscal year, which began July 1, 2012, and ended June 30.

The smallest number of people came to CWC in December, June and July.

"It still follows the same monthly patterns," Butters told the CWC Board of Trustees this month. "College facilities are used most heavily during the fall and spring semesters."

The busiest month, April, saw 480 people at CWC. Next was October, with 461, people followed by November (445) and March (422).

Only 248 people came to events at the school in December, with 267 attending activities in June and 294 in July.

Butters said the Robert A. Peck Arts Center and the CWC student center are the facilities most often utilized for public events, the majority of which are sponsored by CWC but are not part of the for-credit academic program activities.

Top draws

Butters said key events during the fiscal year were the Wyoming HAZMAT/WMD Conference, the Wyoming Native American Education Conference, the Midwinter Fire School, the Wyoming State Drama Festival and the Wyoming Association of Municipalities conference.

She also talked about the R Recreation program ongoing on the Riverton campus each summer.

CWC holdings

According to administrators, CWC buildings cover more than 383,000 gross square feet, and the college owns almost 330 acres of land, including a 50-acre business park.

Properties include the main campus, the equine center, the Lander center, the CWC field station in Sinks Canyon, the Wyoming Public Broadcasting Service and leased property in Jackson.

Correction: This story should have said the CWC buildings cover more than 383,000 gross square feet. The correction was made Oct. 24.

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