Riverton will get 'gypped' on new county districts

Mar 30, 2012 Warren K. Sideley, Riverton


On this issue of new districts for county commissioners, I

assume the commissioners, the county clerk or whoever is going to make the final decision will do what they always do -- whatever favors Lander the most.

That is the path they always seem to follow, and it has been that way for a hundred years around here. Whatever it takes to make sure that Lander has the most commissioners and the most clout will be what they do.

If you look at those maps of the options for the new borders on the districts, just look at whatever map makes it in Lander's benefit, and that's the one that will be picked. You can mark my words. Riverton will get gypped out of it, and now even the voters can't do anything about it.

I will eat my hat if it turns out any different.

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