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Senior citizens center's board actions shouldn't be so secretive

Mar 28, 2012 Carl M., Riverton


This is an election year, and being that it is an election year, I wonder if there is a politician out there who is looking for votes. I know how to get in the news and help a group of people who really need help.

The senior citizens who used to patronize the Riverton Senior Citizens Center, and the few who still patronize the center, are looking for an advocate. Someone who would stand up for the senior citizens of Riverton. Someone who would be willing to come to a meeting and listen to the problems of these senior citizens and be willing to take action if action is required. All we ask of you is to listen.

The RSCC is operating on a shoestring. The facility is not liquid enough to function. The RSCC cannot operate in this manner for much longer. Mismanagement is the order of the day at RSCC. As one employee is fond of saying, "If you don't like the way we run this place, don't come back."

The RSCC is operated with taxpayer money and, therefore, the board of directors should be answerable to the public. The board of directors of the RSCC does business behind closed doors.

I challenge our lawmakers, state or federal, to stand up for their constituents and look into the functions of the Riverton Senior Citizens Center.

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