College budget set; spending set at $42 million for fiscal year

Aug 5, 2013 By Katie Roenigk, Staff Writer

The Central Wyoming College Board of Trustees has approved the school's budget for fiscal year 2014.

The total annual budget amount was set at $42 million.

Upon their initial approval of the budget May 15, the board determined that the document meets CWC's policy standards for financial planning and budgeting.

Ron Granger, CWC's vice president for administrative services, said the budget presented this week only represented minor changes from the May document.

"Those changes include adjustments to a few wages, a slight change in revenues for tuition, state and local funds, and a few small changes to operating budget," Granger said in his report to trustees.

In total, Granger said, the school's "carry forward" budget fell from $316,000 to $287,000.

"That's almost $30,000, but when you talk about a $40 million budget, $30,000 isn't a big change," Granger said.

"And it still leaves us with money we can carry forward to 2015 and 2016, which was our plan the whole time."

Future budgets

Up until that week, Granger said, the budgets for 2015 and 2016 were "starting to look really good." He received some information July 24 about the potential for future budget cuts at the state level that created some uncertainty, however.

"That could cost us about $268,000 a year (from the state)," Granger said. "But we'll find out a lot more in January and February."

CWC President Jo Anne McFarland said the decrease could affect staff salaries.

"You just heard we may lose another $300,000 per year out of our standard budget beginning in fiscal year 2014," she said later in the meeting.

"That means that stuff about (future) salary increases? Never mind."

The budget for fiscal year 2014 does not include across-the-board base salary increases, though it does account for adjustments for employees based on experience and education.

McFarland said she hoped that state funding revenues do not go down next year as anticipated.

"But we know we need to be more effective, and we really need to take it seriously if we're going to continue to move the college ahead," she said.

She talked about strengthening partnerships with other private and public agencies to offset the potential decrease in funding.


According to state statute, the official adoption of CWC's budget document must take place no later than the third Wednesday in July each year. The board unanimously approved the school's budget, compensation plan, staff change requests and budget resolutions.

"That must be a big weight off of several peoples' shoulders," trustee Colton Crane said immediately after the vote.

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