Three dozen teams compete in hog wrestling

Aug 2, 2013 By Andrea Novotny Staff Writer

The Fremont County Fair hog wrestling competition began at 8 p.m. Thursday in the grandstands arena.

Female 16 and older

Eleven teams competed in the "female 16 and older" division.

First place went to the returning champions, Ultimate Hog Chicks, with a time of 10.49. The team, sponsored by J.A.C.E. Water Service, also won highest bid in the Calcutta, with a bid of $850. Ultimate Hog Chicks are Brook Miller, Carmen Vasco, Erika Yarber and Nancy Irvine.

The Ham Hock Honeys, made up of Krystal Hazen, Sheena Gantz, Amanda Small and Laura Lozier won second place with a time of 13.50.

Third place went to the Hog Wild Chics, Brandi Nipper, Brittany Nipper, Jessica Fay and Johnee Jo Campbell, with a time of 31.45 ( Sponsor: ACFCU)

Male 16 and older

The RPD (Riverton Pig Department) took first place, with a time of 10.23 out of six teams in the "male 16 and older" division. The team, made up of Bret Sowards, Archen Wempen, Mike Mellado and Brandon LeFoya, was sponsored by 307 Customs.

Second place went to Poor Boy Hogs, with a time of 21.27. Team members include Chase McNamee, Garet VonKrosigk, Jason Sullivan and Randell VonKrosigk.

Third place went to the Wind River Hoggers, Eligah Barrett, Roger Price, Timothy Martinez and Feike Van Dijk, with a time of 22.03. The team was sponsored by Hubenka Rentals.

The highest calcutta bid in the "male: 16 and older" division went to U.S.S. Ultimate Swine Slayers, Joe Vasco, Mark Mathews, Matt Johnson and Morgan McConnaughey sponsored by Vasco Cattle Company. The bid was for $1,050.

Junior female division

Two of the seven teams competing in the "junior female division: ages 9-15" were able to wrestle their pigs into the barrel before time ran out.

First place went to the Ragety Hams with a time of 13.60. The Ragety Hams, sponsored by Riversound (Bob Hussa) are made up of Allison Womack, Brook Thompson, Katie Erickson and Tyalenn Thompson.

The Giddy Gilts won second with a time of 44.28. The team is made up of Mackenzie Beck, Alexxis Motisi, Taci Wilson and Sophie Lopez.

Junior male division

Only one out of five teams in the "junior male division: ages 9-15" got their hog into the barrel in time: the Big Bad Wolves with a time of 25.32. The big bad wolves are made up of Cade Campbell, Chad Stewart, Ashton Settlemire and Landon Kechter.

Youth division

In the youth division, for children 8 and under, the Hoggers took first with a time of 11.71. The team is made up of Cole Stewart, Kade Gabrielson, Brody Howard and Ruger Stowell.

Hog Wild took second, with a time of 15.30. Hog Wild, sponsored by Tweeds Wholesale, is made up of Christian Nimone, Talon Thoman, Dominic Jarvis and Aiden Jarvis.

Third place went to the Little Piggers, with a time of 33.30. Little Piggers, sponsored by Grandma's Kids, were Kylarae Davis, Bryland Davis, Makaedyn Woods and Rhodi Brow.

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