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Optional 1 percent sales tax close to 'good'

Mar 25, 2012 Joseph L. Goodwin, Riverton


There's probably not a person in the world out there who likes paying taxes. Most of the time I wonder what it's all going for.

But I have about decided to vote "for" the 1 percent optional sales tax for the county when it comes up on the ballot in November.

To me, this is about as close to good tax as there could be. For one thing, we get to decide on it for ourselves, and we can stop it in four years if we want to. Try that with any other taxes, like the income tax or property tax.

The other thing is, we can see right where it is being used, be it in Riverton, Lander, Shoshoni or wherever it may be.

I hope in Riverton that it can be used to improve the city streets. Too many potholes and cracks, and I would be OK with paying another penny per dollar to get them fixed up.

I would count this kind of tax as a lot better than money from Washington with all kinds of strings attached, where it seems like they are just trying to find the way to trip you up so you can't have the money you were counting on.

And I also like how when the town fills up for a basketball tournament or a convention of some kind, the people visiting will pay into the sales tax, too. We who are living here won't have to pay all of it.

Nobody can say I am a fan of more taxes, but I guess I am saying that this is one I can live with if we can count on the county and the town officials to spend it right. That is their job and ours.

I am willing to give it a chance.

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