Hill says committee stacked against her

Jun 28, 2013 The Associated Press

CHEYENNE -- State schools Superintendent Cindy Hill says she wants to make sure her rights are protected if a legislative investigation is launched into her administration of the state Education Department.

State House Speaker Tom Lubnau has asked the Legislature's Management Council to empanel a House committee to investigate information in a recent inquiry that Hill may have misused federal funds while she ran the agency.

Hill was stripped of her authority over the agency by a new state law enacted this past winter.

Lubnau wants the House Rules Committee to conduct the investigation.

In a letter Thursday to the Gillette Republican, Hill said that all members of the committee recommended by Lubnau voted for the new law.

She wants a committee consisting of House members who voted on both sides of the issue.

Hill's position was reduced to a largely ceremonial job earlier by the new law, and the WDE will be run by an appointed executive.

Hill has sued to overturn the law, and she has announced that she will run for governor next year.

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