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Pay raises for commissioners and department heads don't feel right

Jun 23, 2013 - Dennis Slinger, Lander


I don't think I could ever be a county commissioner or county head of a department because I could not sleep at night if I voted myself a nice pay raise while cutting or refusing funding for worthwhile activities or service that affected many more people than just me.

I know that the pay raises for these department heads have been written into county law so that they take place automatically. But to me it would have been nice to hear at least one of them say "I don't feel right about getting this raise when we have to cut money for... " Fill in the blank.

Time after time leading up to the budget planning in the spring, the county commissioners and heads of the departments were talking about how funding was going to be running short because of lower tax revenues and valuation.

Lower for everyone but them, I guess. Sleep well, guys. I know I couldn't.

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