College staff concerned that new budget plan still contains no base pay hike

May 29, 2013 By Katie Roenigk, Staff Writer

Employees at Central Wyoming College expressed concern about their wages during budget hearings this month, when administrators proposed another fiscal year without base salary adjustments for staff and faculty at CWC.

The CWC Board of Trustees approved its preliminary budget for fiscal year 2014 this month. According to the budget document, eligible staff members and administrators are projected to receive "step" raises based on experience, but human resources executive director Jennifer Rey said the school's overall salary schedule won't change in fiscal year 2014.

The same was true last year when the CWC Board of Trustees approved its budget for fiscal year 2013. No base salary adjustments were proposed then either, though eligible staff still were projected to receive adjustments based on experience, and two administrators got raises because of promotions.

The college did provide a 1 percent base salary adjustment for all employees, plus a "step" adjustment for eligible employees, in fiscal year 2012. But in fiscal years 2011 and 2010 CWC again didn't include base salary adjustments in its budget.

Assistant registrar Connie Nyberg, who is serving this year as head of CWC's professional personnel association, said her colleagues are worried about the trend.

"There is concern," Nyberg told the CWC board in May. "A number of positions are probably not classified or paid appropriately. I had multiple people ask me to bring that to you. ... It's something we feel is important."

The fiscal year 2014 salary schedule for management or professional employees at CWC begins with a minimum rate of $20,145 per year for hires at the lowest pay grade. Employees at the top pay grade can make up to $121,282 per year.

Ruby Calvert, general manager for Wyoming PBS, agreed with Nyberg that CWC's salary schedule could use some modification. According to Calvert, about one-quarter of the WPBS staff is no longer eligible for raises.

"(They're) capped because of the current salary model," Calvert said. "That's probably one of the biggest complaints I got from people. (There are) so many people who can't get raises anymore."

She said she would work with Rey over the next year to "see what we need to do."

"Our model hasn't kept pace with the realities," Calvert said. "Every time we bring in more candidates we go, 'You want how much?' ... We need to address that."

The WPBS salary schedule for fiscal year 2014 allows for a minimum of $26,891 yearly for support staff, up to a maximum of $124,402 for executives. Senior management pay is capped at about $71,000, and engineering technicians can't make more than $63,470.

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