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RPD warns of Walmart e-mail 'phishing' scam

May 20, 2013 From staff reports

Riverton Police Department officers say they have been "overrun" by phone calls from residents reporting a scam involving Walmart.

RPD Capt. Eric Murphy said the victims of the scam receive an e-mail, apparently from , stating that they have been charged a certain amount of money for certain items. When the person opens the e-mail, he receives a virus that enables the scammer to obtain the victim's personal information.

"Please tell everyone not to open these e-mails," Murphy said Friday in a press release.

He added that Walmart is aware of the scam and has stopped charging items to credit cards for now. People who have called the local Walmart store to report the incident have been directed to call 1-800-966-6546, where an automated message addresses the scam e-mail. The message indicates that the e-mail does not come from the store's official website.

"This is a malicious fishing scam attempting to gather information," the message states. "We do not believe your account has been accessed."

People are advised not to click on any links in the e-mail but to check their accounts to ensure no unauthorized orders have been placed.

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