FCSD25 looks to buy property for new school

May 20, 2013 By Alejandra Silva, Staff Writer

Members of the Fremont County School District 25 Board of Trustees have looked at five potential locations for the site of a new K-3 elementary school in Riverton.

"We looked at the south, east, north and northwest sectors of the community," superintendent Terry Snyder said. "The (Wyoming) Schools Facilites department is very confident that the project will be funded. That's why they're allowing us to buy the property."

Once purchased, Snyder said studies will be done on the site and initial planning steps, like utilities and land, will be discussed with the city.

The new school is being mandated by the state as the district works to comply with a state mandate to reduce elementary school classroom sizes to more than 16 students per certified teacher.

Summer driving

Riverton High School students will have the opportunity to take driver education sessions this summer.

Snyder said during the board meeting Tuesday that the school will not have a driver education instructor for the next school year so the school will provide two summer sessions, each with the capability to serve 20 students each.

"A lot of (families) are counting on us to have this next year in the schedule," Snyder said, adding that with the money allocated from the courses, they can possibly hire an instructor in the future.

Each course will cost $250. The students will pay $125, and the school will cover the other half.

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