Crowded faculty anticipating campus upgrades

May 20, 2013 By Katie Roenigk, Staff Writer

Though Central Wyoming College's spring semester is over, faculty president Matt Herr said his colleagues still are hard at work on the Riverton campus.

They aren't necessarily doing school work, however.

"I was wandering around yesterday, and numerous faculty members were busy moving their offices for the second, third or fourth time," Herr told the CWC Board of Trustees on Wednesday. "And I think they have another once or twice to go this summer."

For example, he said, the school's nursing instructors recently moved out of their regular offices into temporary facilities in preparation for their relocation to the new Health/Science Center.

When the facility opens this summer, Herr said the group will have to change spaces again.

Other employees are being shuffled from place to place as part of a remodel of CWC's classroom wing and professional-technical building.

"We're double bunked in some of the offices," Herr said. "But people have great attitudes about this. We're pretty excited to take hold of the new facilities at the end of the summer."

Board chairman Charlie Krebs commended Herr and the school's faculty for facing the changes with positivity.

"I appreciate your spirit," Krebs said. "I know all that stuff, moving and moving again and being double bunked - I've done that before. Good attitude."

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