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Arbitration might be the only answer in wolf dispute

Mar 18, 2012 Paul Clarkson, Riverton


I am no big fan of the wolves now running wild in Wyoming. I don't want to cuddle them or give them dog biscuits,so please don't accuse me of that.

But the new state plan to "manage" wolves in Wyoming includes the hope or request that no legal challenges be allowed in the courts.

This is blatantly unconstitutional. The "wolf huggers" will challenge that part of the plan without even bothering to address the actual methods and so forth.

I think the only way to get to the bottom of the wolf issue is going to be with some kind of arbitration like you see in contracts with athletes or business executives that have a dispute with the corporation.

After both sides have agreed that they can't agree, then a mediator comes in to make suggestions. And if they still can't agree after that, then an arbitrator would be assigned to the case, and both sides would agree in advance to abide by what the arbitrator said.

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