College may eliminate seven jobs from payroll

May 9, 2013 By Katie Roenigk, Staff Writer

The reduction would save more than $85,000 in salaries.

Seven jobs may be eliminated from payrolls at Central Wyoming College after officials approve the school's budget for fiscal year 2014.

Jennifer Rey, CWC's director of human resources, read the list to the CWC Board of Trustees on Tuesday during a special budget meeting. The group includes CWC's web content or graphics specialist, an administrative assistant in the liberal arts department, an administrative assistant in the athletics department, a records and transcripts technician, an outreach coordinator in Thermopolis, an associate producer at the Wyoming Public Broadcasting Station, and an editor at WPBS.

"The individuals in each of those positions have been spoken with and advised these positions have been identified for reductions in force," Rey said. "The net change is a reduction of more than $85,000 in salaries plus the compounding benefit cost that goes with it."

'Is that it?'

Trustee Roger Gose seemed to think the outcome could have been worse.

"(Is this) the total of the restructuring cuts in personnel we're going to sustain?" he asked. "Is that it?"

Rey said "yes" but added that her department will continue to assess and realign the school's current human resources in the future.

"I think that conversation, that resource allocation discussion, is one that will be ongoing," Rey said. "These are not easy decisions to make, at all. But if we focus on where we're trying to go and how we staff where we want to go, these kinds of discussions have to happen."

Faculty president Matt Herr encouraged his colleagues to contact the people whose jobs may be eliminated this year.

"They have done great service to the college," he told board members Tuesday. "I think it's appropriate for a college of our size to be able to respond and change over time, (but) we also need to applaud those folks who may not actually continue working here."


Ron Granger, CWC's vice president for administrative services, addressed the elimination of the school's outreach coordinator in Thermopolis, assuring board members that CWC still will have a connection to Hot Springs County.

"We're not giving up on Thermopolis," he said. "We're just doing it in a different way (that) reduces our costs quite a bit."

He said the school's outreach center is not generating a lot of interest in Hot Springs County, so he proposed busing students from Thermopolis to the CWC campus in Riverton.

"We talked to several people who feel like it's probably the better way," he said.

CWC employees still will visit the town, he said, but instead of being based in an isolated center they will try to reach students at Thermopolis High School.

"I think it'll be positive for us," Granger said.

Board chairman Charlie Krebs agreed that CWC's methods in Thermopolis over the past few years haven't been cost effective.

"It'll cost $80,000 this year for Thermopolis after revenues are taken out," Granger said.

Trustee Heather Christensen asked about the duties of the records and transcripts technician. Cory Daly, CWC's associate vice president for student services, said those tasks will be distributed among other employees.

"That will delay some special projects," Daly said, though she added that a new transfer specialist at the University of Wyoming could help facilitate the transition.

"We're investigating the automation of some of this," Daly said. "We're hopeful some efficiency will be built in, especially for Wyoming schools."

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