McCormick 'treated fairly'

May 3, 2013 By Craig Blumenshine, Staff Writer

The departing RHS football coach wished the best to the Wolverines after guiding the team to an 18-27 record, a 1-4 playoff record, and the 2012 Class 3-A East conference championship.

Just one day after he submitted his resignation as head football coach at Riverton High School, Jeremy McCormick said that he had "been treated fairly" in the events that led to Fremont County District 25 superintend Terry Snyder's Wednesday press conference announcing that McCormick had resigned his coaching position.

"I am disappointed that I will not be coaching the Wolverines next season, but wish the players and the program the utmost success in the future," McCormick told The Ranger Thursday evening.

In five seasons as Riverton's head coach, McCormick's record was 18-27 overall (excluding week-zero games) and 1-4 in Class 3-A state playoff games.

"I want to focus on the team. It was tough to tell them (that I had resigned). It was tough to see their reaction. That was the hard part. I just wish the best for them next season. I really enjoyed coaching here. I really enjoyed the kids," McCormick said.

McCormick said that he plans to continue to coach and is keeping his options open for future opportunities.

"We came to Riverton because of the good schools and the opportunity to coach here. They have a great history. A lot of the memories were the great games that we played, not only at Tonkin(Stadium), but here in the new stadium, and the success that the team has had and making the playoffs, and all those great moments you get on Friday nights," McCormick said.

McCormick declined to discuss details of events that led to his resignation and said Snyder, at his press conference, answered questions surrounding events that led to his resignation.

Prior to McCormick choosing to leave his RHS football job, seven of eight of his assistant coaches -- six of whom were hired after McCormick became head coach -- resigned or were asked to not return to coach next season by McCormick.

Both Snyder and RHS activities director Jeremy Hill stressed that the program will move forward with off-season training and preparation for next year's season.

"My message for kids from this moment forward is we will have a program for you, and we will put together the absolute best program that we can. We believe that Riverton High School should have the premier football program in 3-A in the state of Wyoming, if not 3-A and 4-A. Our message to kids is that we will do everything that we can to put together for you the best program that we can," Hill said.

McCormick remains employed as a math teacher at Riverton High School.

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