Long-serving city employees honored by council

Feb 3, 2012 By Emily Etheredge Staff Writer

People who have dedicated the majority of their working lives to the same occupation are increasingly rare. Waking up every day and diligently completing the tasks at hand for more than 30 years requires a sense of devotion, loyalty and respect for a job.

The City of Riverton had not one, but two former employees who characterized that level of devotion. Jim Horton and Dave Young were recognized for retiring from the city at the Riverton City Council meeting Jan. 17.

Jim Horton retired as the weed and pest supervisor, a position he held from 1981 to 2011. Public services director Bill Urbigkit described Horton as being the "go-to guy."

"He has worked with the city for nearly one third of its existence and served the people of Riverton by helping making it work," Urbigkit said.

Dave Young was the chief construction manager and worked with the city from 1979 to 2012. He served under seven mayors, nine city engineers and public works directors.

"In the course of his career, he has been the construction inspector, certified operator at the water treatment plant, the waste water treatment, the very building we are standing in and wherever a project was taking place, Dave was the construction manager," Urbigkit said.

After being recognized in front of council members and applauded for their service to the city, Urbigkit presented both men with silver pocket watches engraved with their names and the dates of their service.

Mayor Ron Warpness acknowledged that this was a changing of the guard and said the city was privileged to have had such dedicated service from both men.

"We hope you will stick around in Riverton for a bit so we can rely on your institutional memory," Warpness said.

Urbigkit said he is sure both will enjoy spending time with their families and having the opportunity to sleep past 7 a.m. He also said he is sure they will not remain idle in their retirement.

"These men will more than likely stay real busy," Urbigkit said. "They have both helped make the City of Riverton work, and I am proud to call them my friends."

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