Movie about Palin actually is 'flattering to her in many ways'

Mar 14, 2012 Leah Hatten, Riverton


I don't know if this is all that important for everyone around here, but I wanted to comment on the HBO movie about Sarah Palin that was talked about on the front page of the "Diversions" section on Sunday.

There has been all this controversy about the movie, which is called "Game Change," Supporters of Sarah Palin have denounced it and called it a lie.

But I believe they should be glad this movie has been made because is it the only thing I have seen that tells about something other than her clothes and her mistakes while campaigning. Everyone already knows about those things, but this movie also shows her as a good wife and mother and a good strategist who was under a lot of pressure, and also a great public speaker. I actually found it flattering to her in many ways.

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