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'Penny Power' sign suggested to highlight 1-percent tax jobs

Apr 19, 2013 By Alejandra Silva, Staff Writer

A political action committee member is asking the county and its cities to consider posting the sign alongside its projects.

Kyle Lehto, a member of the political action committee that was formed to handle campaign activities when the optional 1 percent tax was on the ballot last year, approached the Riverton City Council on Tuesday with a 24-inch disc he designed.

He told the council he has presented the sign to other municipalities in Fremont County and has asked for their cooperation in using it. He suggested that the Riverton council commit to using the emblem for the purpose of showing a universal message to the citizens of the county.

The sign shows an illustrate of worker with a shovel under the slogan "Our Tax Dollars at Work," with "Penny Power" also displayed in the circular design.

Lehto stressed the importance of showing county residents that the revenue from the tax is being used the way it was promised, which would be beneficial in getting the tax renewed by voters in 2016.

Council said they were pleased with the sign and would consider Lehto's proposal.

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