Tuesday notes

Apr 16, 2013 By Steven R. Peck

Spring as winter

Fremont County is getting more winter in April than we got all winter combined.

In case you have forgotten --which is perfectly understandable considering the month we are having --April is a spring month. There is a certain excitement to all the snowstorms this month, but they are playing havoc with outdoor activities, both scheduled and spontaneous.

Remember, however, that shoveling snow is an "outdoor activity."

A drink for the trees

With snow-shoveling in mind, here is a reminder to those in the Main Street district downtown to shovel snow to where the trees are planted. If you have to shovel snow anyway, it's best not to shovel it into the gutters, or it will only make a mess. If you can manage to get it clear into the street, that's OK.

But if you can't, the place to shovel is in a pile at the base of the Main Street trees.

They will thank you for it, if they ever get weather warm enough to leaf out.


We have said it before, and we are saying it again. The contrast in weather between this April and last April could hardly be greater. A year ago it was like summer already. This year it's still like winter.

That's what spring often comes down to --a tug-of-war between the cold season and the warm one. This year the warm one has fallen behind. Time to start pulling.

Five in the 500

It has been a couple of weeks since we last checked in on our "five in the 500" experiment.

A little more than three months ago, we began an extended yearlong tracking of the S&P 500. The index is a lesser-known cousin to the Dow Jones industrial average, and many investment pros say it is a more accurate representation of the U. S. business economy than the Dow.

So, imagine you scraped together $500 and invested it in a fund based on the daily rise or fall of the S&P 500. Three months later, you would have good news and bad news. The bad news is that on Monday the S&P 500 experienced its biggest one-day decline in five months.

The good news is that before Monday, the S&P 500 had several all-time highs. That means that since we began the hypothetical investment in mid-January, your $500 still would be worth $516. 91.


All of America was shocked at the explosions planted to detonate during the Boston Marathon on Monday. The crude bombs killed three people and injured many more. Awful as the event was, it might well have been much, much worse.

County connection

Also on the subject of the Boston Marathon, we posted a live update on about Fremont County resident Tiffany Piplica Hartpence, who was in the field for the marathon. She was not injured, but it was a frightening conclusion to what began as such a promising day.

Masters mastery

Not everyone is a fan of pro golf, but those who are were treated to a great Masters tournament over the weekend.

Australian Adam Scott blew a huge lead last summer in the British Open, causing many to believe his spirit would be broken and that he could never win a major championship. But he got one just a few months later, winning in a playoff over another masters champ, Angel Cabrera of Argentina.

As for the king of the jungle, Tiger Woods was too accurate for his own good. If his shot Saturday at the 15th hole had not been so on target as to actually hit the flagstick and bounce back into the water the prediction from this chair is that he would have won. On to the U.S. Open.

Stage bus

We hope you took time to read reporter Katie Roenigk's feature story in Sunday's edition about the big school bus constructed onstage for the current Central Wyoming College production of "Hair."

There is some mighty good stuff being done on the CWC stage, a fact that regular theatergoers have known for many years. There is always something to like, no matter what the play.

One of those things this time, among many, is the bus which is used as both a prop and a bandstand.

One more thing: If you go, take note of one of the guitar players up on the bandstand/bus. It's our own Wayne Nicholls, longtime Ranger photographer, who, if you didn't already know, is one heck of a guitar player.

Enjoy the show.

Here's to a good week.

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