'Camelot' on CWC stage led to flood of memories

Mar 13, 2012 Jean Kenwitter, Riverton


I so enjoyed the recent production of "Camelot" by the Central Wyoming College theater department, which I understand included many community volunteers as well as the students.

When I was a child in Ohio, my parents had the "Camelot" cast soundtrack album from the Broadway play. It featured Richard Burton, who was not much of a singer, and the lovely voice of Julie Andrews. As I recall, Roddy McDowell and Robert Goulet also were on it. I don't particularly remember McDowell's singing very well but, of course, Goulet was sensational. (I stared at his picture on the back of the album cover with romance in my heart!)

My sister and I must have listened to that record 500 times at least. When we visited my grandparents, we always took the record with us, until finally my granddad bought it himself so we didn't have to drag it it back and forth on all those trips. Seeing the fine production of "Camelot" at CWC brought all those memories flooding back to my mind, and I actually felt quite emotional when I heard "If Ever I Should Leave You."

No, it was not Robert Goulet and Julie Andrews on stage, but it was just as good in my mind because the live show combined with my own memories to create a wonderful experience.

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