The way it was: Railroad construction -- 1958

Mar 31, 2013 From staff reports

Nothing in Fremont County ever matched the construction boom related to the rise of the uranium industry in the 1950s.

Roads, bridges, offices and mills accompanied the huge mining operations, and they were built rapidly throughout the decade and beyond.

Railroad transportation also expanded. This picture shows work on a rail siding in early spring of 1958 that was part of a new spur from the Lander line to the Fremont Minerals uranium mill and adjacent acid plant south of Riverton.

The machine pictured is a "tie tamper," used to compact and stabilize the road bed under the rails and ties. In earlier days, men with hammers and stakes had to do the tamping manually.

Shown at left was John D. Boyles of the Chicago and North Western Railroad. Operating the tamper was K.H. Robertson, pictured on April 15, 1958.

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