Egg hunt clues begin today, run through April 12

Mar 31, 2013 Staff

Winners get $200 and two Major League Baseball tickets.

The second of The Ranger's newspaper treasure hunts starts today with the first of 10 possible clues leading searchers toward the whereabouts of two giant Easter eggs.

Each is worth $200 cash and two tickets to a Colorado Rockies baseball game this season at Coors Field in Denver.

Winners have their choice from among most of the Rockies' 81 home games this year. The seats are at the infield box level, 16 rows from the field on the first base line.

The eggs are hidden more or less in plain sight -- not buried or placed in a tree or shrub. They are on public property. Searchers are advised not to go on private property to look for the eggs, and to be watchful of traffic and other hazards during the hunt.

The first clues appear on page A-14 of today's edition. The final clue is to be published on Friday, April 12, if necessary.

The 2011 and 2012 egg hunts both ended before the final clues were published.

The eggs are made of wood, decorated with colored ink. Each carries the Ranger cowboy logo, one in a larger representation than the other. The eggs are much larger than chicken eggs. Marcia McBeath of the Ranger staff decorated the two eggs. Each has a label on the bottom of the egg informing the finder that the egg is worth a prize.

A person who finds one egg is not eligible to win for finding the other one, nor are members of the first finder's family.

The finder of an egg must return it to The Ranger newspaper officer at 421 E. Main in Riverton by 5 p.m. Friday, April 20, to win the prize.

If an egg is found before then, it should be brought immediately to the Ranger office.

2013 marks the third year of the egg hunt.

It joins the Wild West Winter Carnival Medallion hunt, which dates to the 1980s, the Riverton Rendezvous Balloon Block hunt (1990s) and the Fall Find the Football contest (2012) in the newspaper's lineup of clue-based treasure hunts.

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