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Smiles from the police blotter

Mar 8, 2013 By Katie Roenigk, Staff Writer

From time to time a call to law enforcement strikes a humorous cord. Here are a few rather entertaining reports made to the Fremont County Sheriff's Office so far this year.

On Jan. 1, a man on Gulch Creek Road in Lander called to report a white dog that "causes hate and discontent" by running after trucks on the road.

Another funny animal problem was recorded Jan 23, when a woman called to say she was concerned about a red-colored horse near Wyoming Highway 789 in Lander that looked "really bloated."

According to officials, the animal actually was a steer. Bloated indeed.

That same day, deputies contacted five juveniles who were warned for their lewd behavior after they mooned a group of females from a vehicle on Wyoming Highway 789 in Shoshoni.

Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference between revelry and discord. Early morning Feb. 8, a woman called in a noise complaint on her neighbors north of Riverton. In initial reports, she described the people next door as "either partying or fighting." She said they were being extremely loud and pounding on things in the house.

Patriotism isn't always appreciated. On the evening of Feb. 8, a resident on Jimson Lane in Riverton called to report that a subject was across the street singing the "Star Spangled Banner." She said she was worried that he wasn't supposed to be there, but the man turned out to be the owner of the property.

This next report conjures up an interesting image. On Feb. 12, a woman in Lander reported that a black horse was stuck in a shoulder-high hole on Baldwin Creek Road.

When parents are pushed to their limit, sibling rivalry can become the responsibility of law enforcement. On Feb. 14, a Riverton dad requested a deputy come talk to his son about taking money belonging to the boy's sister.

Here's a predicament: On Feb. 26, a woman on Cottonwood Drive in Riverton called for help after she locked her house keys in her vehicle, which was parked inside of a garage... that also was locked.

A barking dog was the cause of a fight between neighbors on Feb. 19. According to reports, a Riverton resident threatened to kill the noisy dog, even obtaining a trash can that he was planning to throw at the animal. What dog owner can't relate?

In Lander, another pooch posed problems Feb. 20 by chasing a resident's animals.

The man told deputies he was trying to scare the dog by shooting at it. Seems like that would do the trick.

A resident on Lost Wells Butte must have been overwhelmed by his large amount of land when he called law enforcement for help on Feb. 22.

He apparently thought his vehicle had been stolen, but deputies said they located the truck on the man's property.

He said he must have forgotten where he parked the vehicle.

A white substance found Feb. 22 in a baggie outside of the U.S. Postal Service office in Shoshoni caused some concern until deputies determined the powder was laundry detergent. It seems that "Dale," who made the call, should spend more time doing his laundry!

Here's a "punny" one. On Feb. 27 a complainant in Dubois called the authorities after he saw eight to 10 horses running westbound along the road. Appropriately, they were right near the intersection of U.S. Highway 26 and Mustang Drive. Naturally.

A Source Gas employee was concerned on Feb. 4 when he read a sign posted in front of a customer's house. According to the employee, the sign read, "Trespassers will be shot, survivors will be shot again."

He asked for a deputy to stand by while he checked the customer's meter. All was calm..

On March 5, a Dubois woman asked to speak to a deputy about her ex-roommate, who reportedly "put dog poop" on the reporting party's windshield. I guess the roommates didn't part on good terms.

Hope the vehicle owner had plenty of wiper fluid.

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