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FFA pages brought back memories of an old jacket

Mar 5, 2013 Mary Shellert, Phoenix, Ariz.


I sincerely appreciated the pages in the Sunday paper recently about National Future Farmers of America Week. It is good to see there are some active chapters in your area. I think that is a sign of a healthy school and youth group.

Hanging in a place of honor in my house is an old FFA jacket worn by my grandfather, who graduated high school in Oklahoma in 1936. It is the blue corduroy still worn today.

I remember him showing it to me in the 1970s when I was visiting him in the summer. He told me that you were never supposed to wear it unzipped, and he zipped it all the way up to my neck. It was as long as a dress on me then.

He died not very long after that, and my grandmother said I should have that jacket.

It meant a lot to me, and I have taken good care of it, although I have never washed it or had it cleaned, because it still has some mud on it from where I guess he was doing some work in it when he was in FFA. I want to leave that where it is. They had dairy cows when he was a boy. I suppose he milked them every morning and night.

We do not live in Wyoming anymore, but a friend of ours who still does told us to look for the FFA Week section, and I enjoyed seeing all those young faces doing their activities. This is a splendid organization, and everyone who takes part in it or supports it should be proud.

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