Don't change the constitution over Cindy Hill; just vote out those who did it

Feb 26, 2013 Ed Thomas, Kinnear


Re: State Superintendent and the Constitution.

Mr. Wolfer, there is no reason to change the Wyoming Constitution. Instead, we should replace those elected to uphold it.

"Recall" comes to mind, but it is a long and costly process. I hope many of you consider the actions of the group now in power and vote them out in the next election.

I was in the classroom during the Jim McBride disaster as state superintendent and watched the state system going in the wrong direction.

I am sure most of Superintendent Hill's efforts were trying to undo the damage he did. I saw him as a yes man for the powers that be, and it seems this governor and legislators like that model.

Now that they have created this new level of bureaucracy, I wonder how they plan to pay for it. Many schools have seen cuts recently, and I don't think the money should come from the Wyoming Department of Education. The money could be better spent helping the local schools.

I urge all of you to remind the current governor and legislators that the vote of the people counts, and drive the message home by voting against Gov. Mead and any legislator who chose to ignore the wishes of the people who elected Superintendent Hill.

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