Free housing this summer for full-time CWC students

Feb 24, 2013 By Katie Roenigk, Staff Writer

Beginning this year, Central Wyoming College will offer summer housing free of charge for students who successfully complete 12 credit hours of coursework.

Officials said the move is beneficial for many reasons, but primarily because it encourages course completion among the student body.

"Our first item was completion," vice president of administrative services Ron Granger said Wednesday during a CWC Board of Trustees meeting.

"We're doing this so our students will complete their degree they're working for."

He also hopes the availability of free housing will lead to an increase in enrollment in summer classes.

"And, hopefully, we'll get students to come in summer and stay in housing for fall," Granger said.

"But completion was the biggest thing."

He added that the students must be enrolled in courses pertaining to their major in order to qualify for the offer.

The board approved changes on Wednesday to allow for free housing during the summer of 2013.

Officials said only the campus apartments will be available because remodeling is scheduled to be completed at the CWC food court.

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