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Fremont County students graduate from UW

Feb 22, 2013 From staff reports

The University of Wyoming accorded degrees upon the following students from Fremont County at the completion of the 2012 fall semester. The following degrees may be included on this list: BA (Bachelor of Arts); BS (Bachelor of Science); BSAR (Bachelor of Science in Architectural Engineering); BSCS (Bachelor of Science in Computer Science); BSME (Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering); BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing); MA (Master of Arts); and MS (Master of Science).

Dubois: Jenifer Lee Milburn, BA.

Lander: Joseph Byron Budd, BS; Chad Mitchell Cooper, BA; Kit Stuart Freedman, MA; Marcy Elizabeth Holford, BSN; Jordan M. Jack, BSME; Bralli Rai Lynch, BSN; Kaitlyn L. McRann, BSCS; Nicholas Bryan Newman, BSAR; Clayton T. Palmer, BS; Mark Adam Schimelpfenig, BSME; and Daniel D. Thompson, BS.

Pavillion: Jess A. Evans, BS.

Riverton: Oaklee Rachelle Anderson, BA; Kim E. Clemetson, BSN; Trisha M. Fabrizius, BS; Jennifer L. Gardner, BSN; Selena Bree Fitzgerald Hammer, BS; Amy Marie Hernandez, MS; Jennifer A. Horath, MA; Trevor D. Lampert, BS; Bruce A. Peil, MS; Jolene E. Samuelson, MS; Brad M. Schieck, BS; and Amanda R. Taylor, BA.

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