It's not up to the Legislature to change 'intent' of the voters

Feb 19, 2013 Steven Galgarde, Riverton


I see that the legislative members who voted to water down the state superintendent's job think they have the constitutional right to do it. But I will bet a hundred dollars that these are the same people who argue about other constitutional issues by saying they know what the founding fathers "intended" when they created the U.S. Constitution.

Well, this is the same thing. Obviously it is "intended" that the state superintendent, who is voted in by the people, be the one to run the Wyoming Department of Education. It has been that way for 50 years or more, maybe all the way back to the beginning of the department.

It is not up to the Legislature to change the "intent" of the voters. We voters should be the ones to do that, nobody else. So, if we can't vote yes or no on the changes to the superintendent's job the way we should be allowed to, then the next best thing is to vote on the legislators who decided to do this, and vote them out of office.

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