Even with a 6-year-old, a bet is a bet

Feb 19, 2013 Parker Donaldson, Riverton


Last night my brother and I made a bet. He is 6 years old and I am almost 12. He bet me a box of Coke that my birthday wasn't every year.

And so we shook on it, and I told him now he owes me a box of Coke, and he thought he didn't, but as everyone knows birthdays are annual. I explained the concept to him, then he had a meltdown on the spot and said he thought I meant "month" when I said "year," it shouldn't count.

I told him it did count because I specifically said year,not month. Then I convinced him that it was against the law to break a bet and that I could literally go upstairs and call the cops on him.

He finally calmed down and said he would get me the box of Coke on my birthday.

I had a suspicion that he was trying to get me to forget about it. I told him I would never forget about it, so now I am waiting for that glorious day when I get a whole box of Coke to myself.

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